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Refer to the following 'How To' videos and documents for instructions on frequently used reports:

Instructional Videos:

Instructional Documents:

Almost all of the reports needed exist in the Library or Patron reports section.  Frequently used reports include:


Use this report:

Overdue Report, Notice or Email

Reports > Library Reports > Circulation > Current Checkouts/Fines

Missing Items

Reports > Library Reports > Title & Copy List ("lost" copies)

Student Circulation

Reports > Patron Reports > Patron Statistics Summary > Click on student

Deleted/Weeded Items

Reports > Library Reports > Catalog > Weeding Log

Today's Checkouts

Circulation > Library Information > Statistics > View today's checkouts OR Reports > Library Reports > Statistics > Collection Statistics - Summary and choose today's checkouts

Related Files

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Please contact the BOCES2 SLS Library Automation Team with questions.

Ph: 585-349-9011