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ROAR for 12/1/2016


Are you incorporating video in your lessons?  How are you meeting the needs of “Generation M” (8-18 years old – the media generation)?     Using educational videos for teaching and learning has proven to increase student motivation, promote active cognitive processing and enhance retention.


Learn 360 is an interactive media-on-demand service provided to you by BOCES2 School Library System.  Learn360 has over 130,000 multimedia resources (video, images, audio files, maps, activities, worksheets and articles) that are K-12 educationally based.

You may search for Learn360 content via the SLS Media Library or Follett Destiny users may use Follett OneSearch to access the database (several years ago users were told to go directly to Learn 360 for streaming video.  This is no longer the case as we have several other content providers now).  Once logged into Learnn360, users may create playlists and folders, download videos and create custom video segments.  Media and playlists may be shared via email and Google Classroom.


One of the highlights of using Learn360 is that video segments or movie clips can be identified so that short, relevant targeted clips segments can be viewed.   These clips may be viewed individually or added to a playlist.


Recent enhancements include GAFE integration, enhanced Closed Captioning options, MLA8 citations, updated tutorials and the ability to save your search results.


If you have any questions about how to access Learn360 or for ideas on how to incorporate some video into your lessons, please contact Lindsay Neumire.  Librarians, please be sure to share this information with your staff and students – access is available to all BOCES2 school members.