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Book Reviews

Students and staff can rate a title, add a written review or upload digital content to the review section of a book title. 

Book Reviews provide a way to share details and opinions about a book.  Once created, any patron can see the rating and book review from the title details page. 


The Digital content can be a streaming video, an audio file or a PowerPoint presentation. Once uploaded, the digital content is stored on the Destiny server and a link appears in the Reviews tab of Title Details. Please refer to the Digital Content page for more information.     

The Library Automation Team can show you many examples of how the Monroe 2 Orleans BOCES libraries are using students' reviews. Please ask us, we're happy to help!

Refer to the following "How To" documents for instructions on creating and managing Book Review.


   Reviewing a title    Deleting Reviews
   Quick help for reviews
   Wish List
   Managing book reviews

Please contact the BOCES2 SLS Library Automation Team with any questions.

Ph: 585-349-9011