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ROAR for 12/19/2016

CCC! Streaming Media is an on-demand service that provides access to over 7,000 educational video programs that are aligned to state and Next Generation Science Standards.  


CCC! Streaming Media programs can be accessed on whiteboards, monitors, laptops, tablets - any video-capable device.    Programs include teacher's guides, discussion questions, student activities and comprehension quizzes. 


Each program is approximately 15-20 minutes long, comprised of 2-3 minute subject, specific clips.    Users who have a personal account have the ability to create bookmarks and playlists.   A playlist is a customized program that may include segments from different programs and can be shared with students and staff.   CCC! Streaming Media videos may also be embedded on a webpage, LibGuide or in a presentation.


Content providers include:


  • Disney Educational Productions

·         Nature

  • National Geographic

·         Weston Woods

  • BBC

·         Media 4 Math

  • National Science Foundation

·         SmartMath



To access content in CCC! Streaming Media:


1.      Go the to the BOCES2 SLS Media Portal (use your ebook username and password if you have not already setup an account) and search by title, subject or 'CCC'.    Clicking on the title hyperlink will redirect you to the CCC! Streaming Media database.  If you would like to create playlists and bookmarks in CCC! Streaming Media, then you will need to have a personal media portal account.    Just click on the link on the homepage of the BOCES2 SLS Media Portal:




2.       Follett Destiny users may also access CCC! Streaming Media via the OneSearch databases.  After entering a search term, click on the OneSearch tab in the Search results page.  Select the Show button under CCC! Streaming Media to display all programs associated with your search terms.  Selecting the Title hyperlink will launch the video in a new window.





If you have any questions on how to access any of the video streaming resources provided by Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES SLS, please contact Lindsay Neumire.