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There are two methods of scanning. One is scanning barcodes directly into the inventory session while logged into Destiny (online). The other is to scan into a notepad file (offline), save the file, then log into Destiny and upload these batches of barcodes to the inventory session. Which to use? Factors to consider are quality of the wireless network in the library and the expertise of the people that are scanning. Please discuss the options with the Library Automation Team to find what method will be the most efficient for your library.

Refer to the following 'How To' documents for instructions on conducting an inventory:

   Inventory using 'Direct Scan' method
   Inventory using Notepad
   Inventory FAQ - from Follett
   Quick Help for Inventory - from Follett

Inventory should be integrated into the regular activity of managing a library collection.  Inventory does not have to be an overwhelming task. Section the collection into manageable portions. Choose a portion of the library to inventory. For example, select the picture book collection (Call number E). Many libraries remove selected Circulation types (Equipment, Bookroom). Portions of the  collection can be scanned and inventoried in a timely manner. The Inventory features in Follett Destiny lend itself to this method.  Limits can be set using Call Numbers or Prefixes. Multiple inventories can be done concurrently. You can certainly do a 'complete' inventory of the entire collection if preferred.

Barcode scanners (wired and wireless) are available to borrow for inventory.  Contact the Library Automation Team to borrow scanners.

Please contact the BOCES2 Library Automation Team with any questions.

Ph: 585-349-9011