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Refer to the following 'How To' videos and documents for instructions on managing patrons.  

Instructional Videos:

   Adding New Patrons - Staff
   Merging Duplicate Patron Records
   Managing Fines

Instructional Documents:
   Adding New Patrons - Staf
   Patron Fines & Holds
   Patron Notes
   Deleting Patrons 
   Updating ILL Patron Accounts

  • Student patron records are updated as part of the nightly update from the district's Student Information System (SIS).   In most district's, it is the responsibility of the library staff to add/update staff records.  
  • Patrons who have left the district must be manually deleted from the Destiny database.  All items checked out to patrons who are no longer with the district should be returned or marked as lost before deleting the patron. 
  • If a Patron has changed schools within the district, please contact the Library Automation Team to have the patron account corrected.

Please contact the BOCES2 SLS Library Automation Team with any questions.

Ph: 585-349-9011