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Resource Lists

Resource Lists are a group of items used to organize materials for a common subject, collection type, or data for reporting:
  • Resource lists may include print materials, eBooks, WebPath Express websites and One Search links.    
  • Resource lists may be printed, emailed or linked to from a website, LibGuide, Google Classroom or OneNote.
  • Citation Lists may be created from a Resource List.
  • Resource lists may be Personal or Public.
  • Resource lists may be co-owned by Destiny patrons for collaboration.
  • The contents of a resource list may be updated at any time by the list owner(s) and the personal/private setting can be toggled at any time.

Refer to the following 'How To' videos and documents for instructions on creating and using Resource Lists:

Instructional Videos:

   How to create a Resource List   Creating a link to a Resource List

Instructional Documents:

   Creating and using resource list   Organizing items - resource Lists, copy categories & barcode lists
    Managing resource lists    Wish Lists

Please contact the BOCES2 SLS Library Automation Team with any questions.

Ph: 585-349-9098