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ROAR for 2/09/2017

This is a copy of an email Angela Boccuzzi-Reichert from Hilton Merton William Middle School sent to her staff members…


The past few weeks have been overwhelming with the amount of information and news that has been tweeted, shared, broadcasted and read on line. As an adult, I find it hard to manage it all, I cannot imagine  what it must feel like to a student. 


How can we help figure all this out? One way, is the CRAP Test, no that doesn't mean to throw up your hands and say "oh crap, I am not going to hide under a rock and ignore all of this" It is a test with a catchy name to hook the kids and have them look at what they are reading or watching critically.



·         How recent is the info?

·         How recent has the website been update?

·         Is it current enough for the topic you are researching, reading about?


·         What kind of information is included in the resource?

·         Is the content primarily opinion? Is it balanced?

·         Does the creator provide references or sources for data or quotations?


·         Who is the author?

·         What are their credentials?

·         Who is the publisher or sponsor?

·         Are they reputable?

Purpose/Point of View:

·         Is it fact or opinion?

·         Is it biased (this is a big one especially with everything in the news!)

·         Is the creator/author trying to sell something?


The CRAP test is used with websites but it can be applied across the board to other types of media. It is easy to react to what we are hearing and a little harder to consider the source and the content.