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SLS Update 02/14/2017

1.       Media Literacy Grant:

·         Attached is a Media Literacy Grant from EMTA

·         This is only for NYS Teachers and Librarians

·         Two, $1,000 grants will be awarded

·         Purpose:

                                                               i.      Support educators who provide instruction and resources that correlate to state and national learning standards for instructional excellence promoting media literacy

                                                             ii.      To provide funds for literacy media projects or demonstration projects that can be replicated in other areas across the state and nation.

2.       Online Database Trials:

·         FactCite: Username: monroe2 Password: monroe2  Expires on 3/31/17

·         TrueFlix: Username: trueflix  Password: orange  Expires on 4/15/2017

·         FreedomFlix: Username: freedomflix  Password: orange  Expires on 4/15/2017

·         ScienceFlix: Username: scienceflix  Password: orange  Expires on 4/15/2017

·         BookFlix: Username: bookflix  Password: orange  Expires on 4/15/2017

·         World and I Student: Username: wischool  Password: trial  Expires on 5/31/2017

                                                               i. is your one-click destination across the disciplines. Designed for grades 7 through 12, it presents enriching, comprehensive and engaging readings on Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, the Arts, plus dozens of special collections and features. Get the most out of weekly ESL and Spanish programs, and Teacher's Guide lesson plans!

·         World and I Kids: Username: wikids Password: trial  Expires on 5/31/2017

                                                               i., designed for grades 3 through 8, offers more than just learning about the world. It provides students the opportunity to discover new perspectives, experience new cultures, cultivate a strong sense of character, and develop a positive outlook on life!

·         If there are any other products you would like to trial please contact Patti Rose

3.       Off Air Update:

·         Reminder, we can tape most shows that air on TV

·         To request a recording:

·         Note- we are not able to record from The History Channel (107) or National Geographic (129)

4.       Emperor Science Award:

·         Sponsored by PBS

·         For students in 10th and 11th grade

·         Winners receive Google Chromebook and $1,500 stipend to use for research

·         Deadline is March 17, 2017

·         For more info and to apply: #EmperorScienceAward


5.       MakerSpace Article:

·         District Administration (a publication geared towards school administrators) recently released a special report focusing on MakerSpaces in schools

·         To view the report visit:

·         It is set up as a slide show with links.  Use the little arrows on the side to advance to the next slide

6.       Mini Grant for creative programs

·         The Ezra Jack Keats Foundation is offering mini-grants of $500 to design and implement a creative program for libraries and/or schools 

·         Mini-grants are awarded to those who provide free, creative, and innovative programs that support or extend the Learning Standards for children ages preschool-grade 12.

·         Past projects that have been supported by an EJK Mini-Grant include story walks, intergenerational activities, programs that bring disparate communities together, and newspapers or other print publications, to name a few examples.

·         The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, March 31st, 2017

·         For more information, please visit

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