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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


1.     Escape Rooms

The SLS has added Escape Room kits to our MakerSpace resource kits!  To learn more about Escape Rooms OR to see the availability of borrow a kit please visit:

2.     Proposed Federal Budget

Yesterday President Trump released his proposed Federal Budget.  Part of the budget calls for the elimination of the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).  The IMLS provides significant funding to the New York State Library and the resources and services that they provide (LSTA funding).  As I find out more information I will keep you posted. 

·         To read a press release from the American Library Association:

·         To learn how NY State uses the funds:

3.     BEDS Code

Message from John Brock from NYSED, Associate in School Library Services

·         For various reasons, NYSED, in BEDS, is adopting federal course codes.

·         Currently the federal course codes do not contain a “library” course code.

·         NYSED is looking to create a “school library” course code to attempt to capture, in BEDS reporting, how many school library courses -  Information Literacy, Information Fluency, Digital Literacy; whatever they are being called locally, where they are used (the title in use will probably be included as part of the course code) - are being taught throughout the state of New York. In order to do so, NYSED is seeking school library course descriptions/definitions.

·         This is a very positive development for school library advocates, to my point of view.  Anyone who has a school library course description/definition is welcome to send this language to me and/or point me to a link where the course might be housed.  My email address is John Brock JBROCK@MAIL.NYSED.GOV.


4.     MCC Event

MCC is hosting a professional development event titled "Mindfully Defining College Readiness" on Friday, June 2 from 8:30 AM-3:30 PM.  The organizers hope you’ll join them for conversation and collegiality as we explore several questions around what it means to be college ready. Some highlights include the following:

·         Keynote Speaker – Buddhist priest who will talk about using the practice of mindfulness in educational settings.

·         Student Voice Videos – Listen to first-hand accounts from MCC and local high school students about their ideas surrounding college readiness – and the gaps that exist between learning in high school and college.

·         Dialogue Groups – Discuss the current challenges in preparing students for college – and collaborate with other high school and college faculty to help facilitate the transition for students.

·         Note- this is different than the HS to College Librarian workshop being put together.  This one is designed for teachers and they want to try and include librarians as well.

5.     DIGIES Contest

With the recent series of bad weather that has hit us the least few weeks (wind and snow), the Digies team is extending their submission deadline to Friday, April 7th. They hope this helps those for those groups that were working on projects and timeline got shifted because of the days off.  For more information:


6.       Attached is updated PD from RRLC.

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