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1.     WXXI Updates

·         Attached are April WXXI highlights that we can record for teachers at BOCES. 

·         Attached is info on a new documentary by Ken Burns on the Vietnam War.  Also included is information on other veteran items coming up on PBS

2.     NYSUT Looking for Articles

·         Message from Liza Frenette (NYSUT Communications): Greetings from New York State United Teachers, your statewide union. As you know, in each issue of the magazine NYSUT United there is a column called CHECK IT OUT. This is a place where school librarians or English/reading teachers can recommend books for students from kindergarten through college. NYSUT started the column as a way to showcase librarians. It is quite popular because it provides a service to other librarians and teachers; namely, what books  students will enjoy, why they are worth reading, and how they can be used by teachers. It is a great way to highlight great books -- from historical classics to new Caldecott and Newberry winners. The published submissions appear in both the magazine and online at We eagerly await book reviews about early chapter books, historical fiction, young adult, picture books, read-a-longs, poetry, etc.

·         Sample submissions:





·         For more information please contact Liza at:

3.     Online Database Trials

·         World and I

                                                               i.      U: m2o  P: trial



·         CQ Researcher:

                                                               i.      U: monroe2  P: trial

                                                             ii.      Do research for papers, college syllabi or specific issues and topics and in writing classes

                                                            iii.      Learn more about public policy, law and civil liberties, international affairs, economics, health, education, etc. 

                                                           iv.      Explore both sides of a topic or issue using the Pro/Con section

                                                             v.      Learn how to cite correctly with our “Using CQR” dropdown menu

                                                           vi.      Check out the video tour  and complete user guide for tips on getting started.

·         Sage Local and State Stats:   

                                                               i.      U: monroe2  P: trial

                                                             ii.      Search data series, created from more than 200,000 government and non-government datasets, in more than 17 topical categories

                                                            iii.      Save time and discover data they wouldn’t have found otherwise in one convenient place

                                                           iv.      Discover what data is available without even knowing exactly what they want by searching across popular topics of research interest for U.S. states, counties, cities, metropolitan areas, and ZIP codes

                                                             v.      View interactive maps of every data series and graphs for every data series that allow users to view the data and look for patterns in an engaging and fun way; create attractive data visuals for presentations and papers

                                                           vi.      To “Take a Tour” for demos and tips:

·         myOn

                                                               i.      They have offered a trial for students to support summer reading

                                                             ii.      Attached is a document showing how it was used in Greece and Churchville Chili

                                                            iii.      Please contact Jim if you are interested in more information

4.     Future Ready School

·         New York has joined 26 other states plus Washington DC in support of the Future Ready Schools effort, which is focused on helping K-12 public, private, and charter school leaders plan and implement personalized, research-based digital learning strategies so all students can achieve their full potential.

·         Information on Future Ready Schools can be found at

·         There is a great Facebook group for Future Ready Librarians:

5.     Horizon Report

·         Great report to learn about upcoming trends and topics over the next five years

·         Library Report (new for 2017) :  

·         School Report (from 2016):

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