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SLS Update 04/05/2017

1.     eBook Update

·         We are in the process of purchasing new eBooks from Cavendish Square to add to our regional collection

                                                               i.      Attached is a listing of the 171 new titles (grouped by subject area)

                                                             ii.      The eBooks range in grades from PK through High School

                                                            iii.      When the MARC records are loaded into your school’s catalog we will let you know

·         We are experiencing issues with Marshall Cavendish eBooks (purchased in 2011)

                                                               i.      Five years ago most Marshall Cavendish eBooks were sold to Rosen and a new imprint was created by Rosen called Cavendish Square.  There are no issues with these titles

                                                             ii.      128 of the Marshall Cavendish eBooks were sold to Amazon instead of Rosen.  Recently these titles stopped working.  We are working with the companies involved to try and restore access.  The company does not seem inclined- we are working on it, but cannot guarantee we will be able to provide them.  We will keep you posted. 

                                                            iii.      Attached is a listing of the 128 eBooks that are impacted by this.

·         StarWalk Kids eBooks, which was acquired last year by Fable Learning, is going out of business.  There website will cease operation in June.  We purchased lifetime access to these titles as well.  We are working with Follett to have these titles added into each school’s Axis 360 account.  This way we will not lose access to them.  Stay tuned for more information on this.

2.     MCLS Library Card

Exciting news from the Monroe County Library System!  Parents can now register their children from birth to age 8 for a special library card!

·         Cards limit check out to 5 items

·         There are NO late fees

·         Attached is additional information

3.     World Book Trial Info

·         World Book Online is offering a trial to a variety of their products.  Attached is more information including Usernames/Password for the trial

·         WB Kids is designed for Grades K - 8, and presents thousands of easy-to-read encyclopedia articles with stunning photos and videos to help students build understanding and comprehension of the world around them.

·         WB Student is designed for Grades 4 -12, and is the online equivalent of the World Book Encyclopedia, complete with embedded media and tools to aid in building research skills and developing a deeper understanding of curriculum topics.

4.     Britannica School

·         Britannica School will be replacing Scholastic Go / Grolier as our next NOVELny encyclopedia (Scholastic Go / Grolier will cease working on July 1 unless you purchase a renewal- contact Patti Rose for information on this)

·         Britannica created a video to help introduce you to what it is, how to use it with your students, and what it contains

·         Link to Video:

5.     Lego

·         Reminder- this past Fall Lego made all their various software products available to use for free

·         To access the software please visit:

·         We have available for loan the following Lego Kits

                                                               i.      Lego StoryStarter: We have three class sets.

                                                             ii.      Lego WeDo: This is new.  We have one class set.  Stay tuned for more information!

                                                            iii.      Lego MindStorm: This is new.  We have one class set.  Stay tuned for more information!

6.     Fun with Signs

·         Use weeded books from your collection to make word art

·         Here is an example from Kendall JR/SR High School (they were inspired by a visit to Holley JR/SR High School)

·         In this example, the librarian worked with BOCES students in the carpentry program to create the signs made from books

·         If you have fun and interesting ideas or displays, please let us know!


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