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SLS Update for 06/16/17

1.     Audio Books

We purchased new audio books that are available via Axis 360.  Attached is a listing of the available books.  Students will be able to download these to their personal devices.  We are purchasing audio books to use within Axis 360 as a pilot program.  Note- by next year your staff and students should be able to log into Axis 360 using their Follett Destiny log in information.

2.     MakerSpace

If you have MakerSpace items please make sure they are returned to BOCES either my courier or contact Lindsay Neumire for a pick up

·         If you would like to reserve any items for next year please be sure to send in your requests to Lindsay- she is NOW accepting reservations.

·         All things MakerSpace from Monroe 2 Orleans BOCES may be found by visiting:

3.     Social Studies Conference

This summer there will be a NY State Social Studies conference held in Rochester.  Please see the attached document for additional information.


4.     Professional Development

Registration is still open for the following Professional Developments:

·         Kathleen Odean’s Best Books for Young Adults (Grades 3-8) at Monroe #1 BOCES (15 Linden Park) on Thursday, June 22, 2017 from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm.

·         Tech Camp Day 1:

                                                               i.      Keynote will be Andrew Coy, Makerspace Guru under President Obama

                                                             ii.      Will include a Vendor Fair with 20 different library related vendors

                                                           iii.      Participants will also attend three different workshops

                                                           iv.      CTLE Credit awarded will be 5.25 credit hours

                                                             v.      Please see attached for a listing of Vendors attending

                                                           vi.      Held at Gates Chili High School


·         Tech Camp Day 2:

                                                               i.      Keynote will be from Common Sense Media

                                                             ii.      Will include a hands-on MakerSpace Petting Zoo

                                                           iii.      Participants will also attend three different workshops

                                                           iv.      CTLE Credit awarded will be 6 credit hours

                                                             v.      Held at Gates Chili High School

5.     SLS Info Needed

Please be sure to fill out info needed by the SLS

·         End of Year Evaluation: was due last week.

·         ILL Stats:  These are due tomorrow, June 16.

6.     Destiny Inventory Info

·         Do not use a Chromebook for Inventory.  The computer tries to refresh the screen each time you scan an item

·         Do not be logged in as the same user on multiple computers- there is a good chance the system will glitch on you and not work properly


7.      Attached is a scholarship form for teen writers to attend Writers and Books Workshops this summer. 

8.      Reminder, SLS Staff members will be around this summer.  If you would like to meet with any of us please let us know!  We always welcome the opportunity to stop in and see hello over the summer!

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