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ROAR Update for 9/28/2017


America’s Historical Newspapers (1690-2000)

With its collection of hundreds of U.S. newspapers from all 50 states, this database offers a primary source treasury of the “first draft of history.”

It offers facsimiles of articles so students can dive into details of a particular event, or they can view entire newspaper pages to see the range of issues Americans were facing at any particular time.

trumanikeIt’s designed to let teachers create rich research and discussion opportunities for their students like:

·         Contrasting regional opinions of the Supreme Court decision in Bush v. Gore

·         Analyzing political cartoons

·         Tracing changes in attitude toward an issue like racial segregation


While the content is best suited to the secondary level, elementary teachers can also use it hand-pick primary source materials to use with their classes.

Researchers by can browse by historical era to locate multiple articles on such political, military and cultural topics as the Alien and Sedition Acts, invention of radio, and the birth of vaudeville. There’s also a powerful search feature that let you create targeted searches by combining keywords, date, place of publication, and article type (news/opinion, advertisement, cartoon, etc.).

[Caveat: The dated interface may be looking a little historical itself, but they’re working on a redesign which should be rolled during the next school year.]