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ROAR Update for 10/17/17



Don’t Just Google It: First Try This Go-to Resource for Support Materials on Books and Authors




How did a U.S. congressman become an award-winning graphic novel author? Ask

From author interviews to lesson plans to audiobook excerpts, this site compiles some of the best resources on K-12 fiction, nonfiction and biography titles from around the web as well as creating their own.

The site includes the well-established curriculum titles you’d expect (The Giver or To Kill a Mockingbird) but they’re also constantly adding new titles to their offerings as well, like this year’s Rochester Reads selection, The Distance Between Us.

Sharing these quality resources with colleagues or students couldn’t be easier. A “Share this page” link at the bottom of the screen opens a pop-up window that lets you quickly email or text a link to the page, create a QR-code flyer or bookmark, add the resource to your Google classroom or personal calendar, or post it to Facebook or Twitter.

Teachers using the flipped classroom model can use this sharing feature to assign a print, audio or video resource as homework in advance of in-class book discussions.




The site’s best feature may be its custom lists, especially for those teachers who do literature circles. With a few clicks, they can pull together all the background materials on a number of titles and share them out. A handy annotation field is the perfect place for relevant assignment details, due dates, or vocabulary words to watch out for.


Access to is by domain name so any teacher in the Monroe 2 BOCES region can log in with his or her email address to set up an account.