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ROAR Update for 10/24/2017



Research in Context Bridges the Gap for Middle School Researchers




Gale’s Research in Context is an all-in-one database aimed at students in grades 5 through 8. It wraps rich, challenging resources inside a visual interface that is middle school friendly yet still appealing for use at the high school level.

It’s the perfect “next step” for students who are too old for Kids InfoBits but not yet ready for Gale’s higher-level subject databases.


The database brings together the most accessible resources from several of Gale’s subject databases, which makes it a good choice for projects in any subject area. Researchers can jump right in by doing a keyword search or they can use the topic structure to pick a curriculum area and then get an A-Z list of major topics. These topic pages (like the one on Syria, below) begin with a brief overview and “Quick Facts” box before sending researchers off to resources grouped by type (reference articles, images, videos, primary sources, etc.). A host of tools, listed below, is available in the interface to help students get the most out of each article.


Simple searches are more powerful with the (default) Search Assist turned on. It turns a single keyword into more targeted search recommendations for students. And the advance search feature lets you limit your search by resource date, content level (basic, intermediate, advanced) or by Lexile range.


A final feature—Educator Resources, located in the top menu bar--offers solid teaching tools to help classroom teachers and librarians deliver the necessary skills instruction to their students. Here you’ll find Tip Sheets and Worksheets on important research skills like How to Read a Graph or How to Build an Argument. 


Topic Page

Tools and features






·         Citations (APA, MLA, Chicago)

·         Highlighting and note-taking (when logged in through Google or Microsoft)

·         Read aloud (with highlighted text)

·         Email, download or print articles

·         MP3 download of machine-voiced article

·         Permanent links to individual articles that can be shared via email or posted to a library or classroom website