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ROAR Update for 10/31/2017



Not Just the News
Database of the Democrat & Chronicle
and USA Today Offers a Year of Complete Coverage


The D&C news database strikes a nice balance between a traditional and online newspaper: it gives researchers access to the content in both an easy-to-read interface and a graphical version of the print newspaper itself. And along with the local news, you also get USA Today’s national coverage. (This resource is provided free to our schools through the Democrat and Chronicle Newspapers in Education program.)


Many databases give you just the text of the articles but here you get the context too; the inclusion of advertising, comics, obituaries, and even the daily crossword puzzle makes it a complete chronicle.




Depending on your preference, you can find content by browsing or searching. The menu bar offers several action buttons:


·        Editions gives you browsing access to the last seven issues ,

·        Pages offers a grid of thumbnail images of each page in an issue, and

·        Search Archive takes you to a calendar where you can call up any issue from the past 365 days. That archive is also fully searchable by date, keyword and content category (editorial, table, graphic, etc.).

Individual articles can be downloaded, printed, or emailed, and you can also download a pdf of any section or of the day’s entire issue.



Go online to the D&C database at


Log in with the username and password you use for the Monroe 2 BOCES eBook library (available from your school librarian.)