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Below you will find information and updates about the Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Capital Project. Please check back often for more information. If you have any questions, please contact Communication Services Manager Steve Dawe at

October 2017 Capital Project Update

The fall 2017 phase of the project continues to develop and is on track for the end of the year turn over. The three new cosmetology spaces are outfitted to supply water and drainage to the shampoo stations, electric to the styling stations and wallboard has been installed ready for finishing, primer and paint. The CTE welding space is roughed-in for electric and walls are being painted. The precision machining lab is following closely with similar work.

Structural steel reinforcement is nearly complete, this will support the new roof-top air handling units as well as the necessary exhaust fans for these labs. New LED site lighting has been installed at the WEMOCO bus loop concluding all the site lighting improvements for the capital project.


September 2017 Capital Project Update

Following school opening, finishing touches were completed throughout the summer scope classrooms. Corridor floors were completed in the South building and the contractor has begun work in the North Corridors. New furniture was delivered to many of the classrooms to accommodate their newly designed space.

Demolition continued and is nearly complete in the future three cosmetology spaces and the Engineering and Metal Fabrication Academy welding classroom and the additional precision machining lab.  Construction of the new spaces will include underground plumbing improvements, air-handling unit replacement and electrical upgrades.  New cosmetology shampoo stations will be provided and newly donated machining equipment will be set in its new space.


August 2017 Capital Project Update

The heavy workload during the month of August had contractors working around the clock in preparation for the first day of school. The following programs moved into their space: automotive technology, auto body and collision repair technology, culinary arts, baking, food services, health and exercise science, certified nurse assisting, personal services, computer technology, advertising design/multimedia, child and family development, outdoor powersports technology, heavy equipment operation and maintenance and various Center for Workforce Development (CWD) Programs.

The new addition over at the Educational Services Center became occupied with Special Education Programs including pre-school, Work Activity Center (WAC) and Career Planning Services.

Demolition has begun for the fall work phase. This includes new spaces for cosmetology and Engineering Metal Fabrication Academy's welding classroom, along with an additionnal lab for EMFA precision machining.


July 2017 Capital Project Update

Demolition has been completed for the classrooms to be turned over in September. Paint and ceilings are being installed through out. We are just on the edge of completing underground plumbing for various lab spaces, bathrooms and kitchens. Walk-in coolers and freezers have been installed in the culinary labs and exhaust hoods will begin this week. Both masonry and metal stud walls are near completion and we are looking at jumping over to areas we will be working in for fall. The WEMOCO front bus loop is complete and new sidewalks have been installed. We will return to finish up the front entrance walkway and canopy next summer. The ESC building wrapped up at the end of July and staff has moved into their space. A few odds and ends are left such as final kitchen hook-ups, professional development center technology and a few last-minute door replacements. A list was developed and prioritized for completion. Due to the intense workload at WEMOCO, we will return to ESC in September to address minor issues.


June 2017 Capital Project Update

As the last of the buses pulled out for the summer, the contractors were racing to get started. Demolition of the North building began in D Wing, and a portion of B Wing. In the South building, the Audiology program allowed contractors to get a jump start and finishes are nearly complete with flooring to follow. The remaining classrooms in the South building have been taking shape as well.

The bus loop work in the front of the North Building started the last week of June and more unsuitable soils were revealed. Unsuitable soils are made up of organic material that cannot be compacted when excavated to a finish grade. In order to remedy  this problem, over-excavation took place in effort to find native soil, some areas were as far as five feet below grade. Stone and geo-textile fabric were placed to provide stable ground and proper drainage.

Final cleaning and finishes are taking place at ESC in preparation for staff moving back to their permanent work spaces. The traffic pattern will transition into the final stages when the ESC loop opens to two way traffic. Heavy construction traffic will continue all summer throughout the site.


May 2017 Capital Project Update
As summer approaches we are gearing up for construction at WEMOCO. Preliminary electrical and plumbing work began advancing our busy summer schedule in both the North and South buildings. Material, equipment and storage units have been arriving on a daily basis and can be seen throughout the campus.

Meanwhile we are approaching the final stages of the administration spaces at ESC. Painting and finishes are well on their way, roof top air handling units were set and the site work is almost complete around the building. Lights, doors and ceilings are progressing and all the exterior canopies have been erected awaiting paint. The front loop transition is being developed into a two way entrance with new curb front parking.

April 2017 Capital Project Update

Since the April 3 staff move into the ESC addition, the front half of the ESC building has under gone demolition. Ceiling, lights, walls and flooring have been taken out and new walls have begun shaping the new space. The roof has been cleaned and scraped to allow a new layer to be installed and new roof-top air handling units will be set. Structural footers have been poured at the front of the building for the main entrance canopy.

Finishing touches continued in the addition and PD Center this month. Window treatments and the operable partitions were installed. Exterior siding and site work will continue around the addition and is expected to be completed within a few weeks.

Work at WEMOCO has progressed ahead of schedule. Over the spring break, plumbers were able to hang copper lines for the new water supply coming this summer. The electricians continue to work on preparing for the new electrical service both inside and outside the building.


March 2017 Capital Project Update

The ESC addition and professional development area wrapped up with almost all interior finishes. Flooring, final painting and fixtures were installed to prepare for the staff to temporarily relocate to this space. Exterior improvements to and around the addition will continue in the upcoming weeks. This includes siding, roofing and concrete sidewalks. The new temporary main entrance is now located in the rear of the building leading into the addition.

A similar sequence now begins with the front half of the building. Demolition has begun and the new build-out will commence shortly. The front entrance loop has been closed to traffic and doors 1, 2 and 3 are strictly for construction personnel at this moment. Roof work will be ongoing with repairs and new installation over the existing ESC building.

Site work has commenced as weather conditions are improving. Concrete sidewalks have been installed and will continue to wrap around the addition. The front entrance of ESC will get a new sidewalk and changes in the traffic pattern. Permanent fence will be installed in the ESC bus loop island and around the new parking lot that temporarily serves as the construction staging area.
Minor work is ongoing at WEMOCO to advance the intense summer schedule. New water lines are set in place ready for summer tie in.


February 2017 Capital Project Update

The ESC addition and Professional Development area are gearing up for the temporary move on March 31. The addition received final coats of paint and the casework is nearly complete with countertop installation. The restrooms are awaiting plumbing fixtures; work on the floors, wall tile and paint has been completed. The light fixtures have been installed throughout and will be powered up as we approach the final weeks. Window installation took place in the addition with exterior doors and storefront entrances to follow.

A crane was on site twice this month, once to set the new transformer that brings power to the ESC building and again to set a portion of the roof-top air handling units to supply heat and air conditioning.

The WEMOCO North electrical room nears completion in preparation for high voltage gear. The masonry walls are erect, roof work has begun and the concrete floor will be poured in the coming days. The contractors also took advantage of the February break and were able to layout water supply lines in two of the WEMOCO North corridors advancing the summer schedule.

January 2017 Capital Project Update

The ESC addition interior approaches completion with wall board, primer and paint nearly finished. Rough plumbing, electrical and mechanical scope nears the end so that fixtures and equipment can be installed.

The new Professional Development Center is taking shape with framing and wallboard complete; primer and paint to shortly follow. Aesthetic soffits and architectural curved walls are complete. The operable partition track is installed awaiting the partitions themselves in a few weeks. Duct work is near complete and rough electrical has been installed to support the state of the art multimedia system.

The former James Green room (conference room 7) has become construction space and quickly redesigned into the ESC Kitchen, Library and Professional Development offices. Demo on the large restrooms has begun.

Progress continues with construction of the new WEMOCO North electric room with footers and foundation complete.


December 2016 Capital Project Update

The Exceptional Children’s Learning Center is now weather tight and work is underway developing the interior. Wall framing and drywall is being installed and all the necessary mechanical, electrical and plumbing that are within these walls are complete. On the exterior, weather barriers have been applied to the walls using a roll-on technique similar to painting, over the top of rigid insulation board. The roofing has reached a stage where it provides adequate protection but needs final applications when weather conditions improve.

The professional development area is taking the shape of the designed space. Framing has begun in this area as well.  A great amount of structural steel work has been performed in this area as well, to reinforce the existing structure, so that operable partitions can be installed which will allow this space to be broken up into many different configurations.


November 2016 Capital Project Update

The Educational Services Center expansion can now be seen by anyone who enters the campus. The enclosure of the 15,000 square foot addition has been accomplished ahead of the winter weather. This space will be the new home for some of our Career & Technical Education, Pre-school and Special Education Programs. 

Construction will progress through the winter within the interior of the addition as well as our new Professional Development Space. These areas will be turned over in early spring 2017.

New and additional lighting have been installed throughout the parking lot, thereby, increasing safety after dark. The new water service and by-pass have been installed and are contained in the climate controlled box seen at the front entrance; the service will be put in use come spring. Remaining site work has been put on hold for the season and will begin again when adequate weather returns. 

We will continue to move ahead with construction activities in an attempt to advance the schedule.


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