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Journeying Jewel

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All year long we’re celebrating our 60th Anniversary and everything that makes our BOCES special. As part of the 60th Anniversary celebration, BOCES 2 gave its employees the opportunity to tell their colleagues how important they are to the success of our BOCES. Enter, the Journeying Jewel, the brainchild of the 60th Anniversary Planning Committee.

Odyssey of the Jewel

Twinkle, twinkle little jewel
We’ve watched your journey through our school.
From site to site you came and went
Now let’s see how your time was spent.
The 60th Anniversary Committee made you come alive
And ever since then you’ve been destined to thrive.
Spreading kindness and thanks wherever you landed
A symbol of appreciation each time you were handed.
Your maiden voyage with Jo Anne Antonacci did start
Each subsequent exchange sent from the heart.
Sometimes there was a note to accompany your delivery
Other times your sender preferred to remain a mystery.
You quickly moved amongst the staff in CTE at WEMOCO
Creativity on display with each photo added to our slideshow.
After a few weeks your travels took you south and west
To the Department for Exceptional Children, as you may have guessed.
You spent some time with Alt High staff
Taking part in group photos that made us laugh.
A little further down Buffalo Road you went
For Westside Academy faculty you were a welcome present.
Then you headed back to the gang at RTP
Even taking some time to hang with retirees.
Back once more to the largest department
Before being shipped off in your little compartment.
With two months to go before the end of the year
It was time for you to travel to a new frontier.
CaTS and CWD took some time with your carats,
Before passing you to the business office to recognize their merits.
From there you traveled on to HR;
Countless days brightened during your trip so far.
Next you spent time with CIPD
Before finishing out your brilliant journey.
Your time honoring gems went by too fast
Just a sampling of our great employees present and past.
There are more stars you didn’t get to meet
Many wonderful employees who make our BOCES complete.
Twinkle, twinkle little jewel
We’ve watched your journey through our school.
At last your odyssey has come to a finish
But your lasting impact will never diminish.

Journeying Jewel recipients
Linda Abee (Exceptional Children); Shannon Alvarado (Exceptional Children); Don Antinore (Center for Workforce Development) Mary Kay Appleby (Career and Technical Education); Betsy Armes (Exceptional Children); Becky Bailey (Center for Workforce Development); Matthew Baldassare (Career and Technical Education); Chris Barrow (Safety and Security); Liz Beairsto (Exceptional Children); Kathleen Carlino (Exceptional Children); John Carrigan (Exceptional Children); Heather Case (Exceptional Children); Brian Chaffee (Exceptional Children); Cindy Christensen  (Career and Technical Education); Ginger Critchley (Administration) Mary Lynn Cometa (Exceptional Children); Jeffrey Cook (Westside Academy); Tammy Costello (Westside Academy); Arlene Covella (Career and Technical Education); Sharen Custer (Communications and Tech. Services); Mary Demmans (Business Office); Maria DiCiaccio (Exceptional Children); Tim Dobbertin (Administration); Mark Donnelly (Westside Academy); Lisa Doran (Career and Technical Education); Lorrie Dumigan (Exceptional Children); Kathleen Edelman (Exceptional Children); Brianna Fox (Exceptional Children); Karrie Freeman (Exceptional Children); Eileen Gibbons (Westside Academy); George Frisbee (Operations and Maintenance); Jeanine Gallina (Career and Technical Education); Eileen Gibbons (Westside Academy); Sandy Giles (Administration); Tracy Hinkley (Center for Workforce Development); Debbie Horek (Human Resources); Jim Jewell (Exceptional Children); Margie Killip (Career and Technical Education); Chris Klem (Communication and Tech. Services); Lorry Koch (Exceptional Children); Beth LaFaro (Westside Academy); Nicole Littlewood (Exceptional Children); Jeff Lootens (Safety and Security); Mary Beth Luther (Business Office); Ken Maley (Communication and Technology Services); Bob Mallory (Exceptional Children); Heather Malone (Exceptional Children); Debbie Mannix (Exceptional Children); Gary Manuse (Exceptional Children); Adam Mattice (Exceptional Children); Karen McJury (Exceptional Children); Kim Melito (Exceptional Children); Kathy Meskill (Career and Technical Education); Mike Mirabella (Career and Technical Education); Edward Mongold (Westside Academy); Mike Nabors (Exceptional Children); Leigh Nenni (Exceptional Children); Shari O'Hara (Nursing); Doreen Parkinson (Elementary Science Program); Rosie Piatek (Exceptional Children); Darlene Pittman (Career and Technical Education); Susan Pratt (Exceptional Children); Kathleen Reiss (Exceptional Children); Linda Rice (Center for Workforce Development); Sue Rizzo (Exceptional Children); Michelle Ryan (Communication and Tech. Services); Gaie Sarley (Exceptional Children); Gretchen Schober (Exceptional Children); Deb Schwartz (Career and Technical Education); Pete Sharpe (Career and Technical Education); Arlene Sheridan (Center for Workforce Development); Jim Slocum (Center for Workforce Development and Career and Technical Education); Maryann Smith (Exceptional Children); Mary Lynne Soto (Center for Workforce Development); Laurie Streb (Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development); Barb Swanson (Nursing); Maria Tantillo (Exceptional Children); Justin Tese (Exceptional Children); Doug Van Roo (Exceptional Children); Mary Vito (Exceptional Children); Gerry Wilcox (Career and Technical Education and Operations & Maintenance); Robert Williams (Exceptional Children); Sue Yunker (Human Resources)

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Journeying Jewel