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Project ADEPT

Since 1976, Project ADEPT has provided enrichment programming to enhance the educational opportunities for students within the nine component districts of Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES and beyond. The program started at the request of districts and has been developed on the premise that significant enrichment opportunities are an important part of the range of services provided to meet the needs of gifted and talented students. The goal of Project ADEPT is to seek out and nurture the potentials, talents, and gifts of students by providing carefully planned, diverse opportunities for challenge and enrichment.

Our students:

  • Explore a new subject or pursue an area of interest/study more in depth or in a different way than is possible in a regular classroom setting.
  • Interact with talented peers across grade lines and/or from different schools.
  • Interact with experts, authorities, and professionals in a particular field of study.
  • Pursue their interests and aspirations.

Elementary Programs


Middle School Programs

Academic Challenge Bowl
Interscholastic Chess

High School Programs

Seminar Series
Leadership Training
Interscholastic Chess

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