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NOTE: Requirement for all BOCES 2 employees Federal and State laws require that school district employees receive yearly training in a number of areas. In order to abide by these laws, we are requiring that all Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES employees take the tutorials listed below. These tutorials inform employees in the areas of Sexual Harassment Prevention, Hazard Communications, Appropriate Computer Usage, Discriminiation, Bloodborne Pathogens, and Dignity for All Students/Code of Conduct NY. These five tutorials are required for all staff at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES on a yearly basis.

The process is simple and the training modules are easy to complete. The tutorials may be taken at anytime, from any computer with Internet access. You may take the tutorials (approximately 15-20 minutes each in length) when it is convenient. You simply log into the site with the organization's username.

To begin, simply log into the site at, using the username listed below and click on "Create New Account" (if this is the first time accessing for this school year).

Organization's Username: monroe2

Required TutorialsAlthough there are numerous tutorials available, you are only required to take the five below:

Bloodborne Pathogens
Computer Use Policies
Dignity for All Students/Code of Conduct NY
Hazard Communications
Sexual Harassment Prevention – Title IX

Where to take tutorials:

The online tutorials may be taken at your desk or from any computer, anywhere, with Internet access.

The kiosk in the ESC lobby is available for reviewing the tutorials.            

If you are a department administrator, and would like a group of your staff to review these tutorials together, please contact Donna and she will arrange a time for everyone to be at a computer at the CaTS Building. The room can handle up to 10 people at a time.

Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions or issues accessing the tutorials, please contact Donna Farren at 352-2700 or at

For any questions regarding the Blood borne Pathogens Tutorial, please contact Barbara Swanson, Nurse Practitioner, Occupational Health (352-2749 or

Please call 352-2400 for all your HR needs.

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