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Elementary and Intermediate Testing

MAARS Test Processing uses different methods to process assessments depending on the state assessment rules. 

To help in the flow of processing please remember: 

  • Always have your students/teachers use a #2 pencil.
  • Both students and teachers are to fill in the bubbles completely.
  • Never use another student's preprinted answer sheet.
  • Never make copies of answer sheets to use for testing purposes.
  • If a student needs to use a "blank" answer sheet, make sure their nine-digit student ID is on both sides of the answer sheet.
  • If a student moves from one building to another within your district, the student should use the original preprinted answer sheet that was provided for them. The change in buildings will be reflected via the student's enrollment record you submit to the data warehouse (repository).

For further information on answer sheet handling, please see "Instructions for Using Answer Sheets".   A copy of these instructions/directions are sent out to your district and schools with your preprinted answer sheets for each exam.