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(Q):  What are the State Data sources that exist? L2RPT, WNYRIC, nySTART? State Report Cards?  What content does each of the services provide?


The State Data sources are nySTART, L2RPT, and PD Data Systems. The data feeding these sites are supplied by NYSED. (also referred to as Level 2 of the data warehouse)

nySTART is being phased out.  The primary reason to go there would be to access the 2011/12 report card – when it comes out.

nySTART Direct Link to Login Screen (login and password required)

L2RPT is the home of verification reports for BEDS, state reporting, and related reports. Below is a link where there is a list of all of the reports available. 

L2RPT Report Guide Direct Link (no login or password required)

L2RPT Direct Link to Login Screen (login and password required)

Special Ed verification reports PD Data System Direct Link (login and password required)

WNYRIC (Western NY Regional Information Center) houses regional data from all of the districts in Western NY including the city of Rochester and Buffalo.  It is not sourced by NY state data, however, NY state data are included in some of their regional level reports. (also referred to as Level 1 of the data warehouse)

WNYRIC (Level 1) Direct Link to Login Screen (login and password required):

The WNYRIC(Level 1) data warehouse aggregates data from several sources (student management systems, Special Education systems, assessments, etc.) into a central database.  With Web-enabled software tools from COGNOS, users can do multidimensional analysis, data mining, and download data as needed to Excel, PDF, and CSV format.  Districts are provided access to students and assessment data in a multi-dimensional cube or report form. Regional comparisons and benchmark data for assessments are also provided.

Additional Note Concerning WNYRIC (Level 1) and L2RPT login access:  You can also access both login screens to these resourses from one web source.  WNYRIC(Level 1) Dataview Portal - Main Screen


(Q):  Who maintains access to these systems? 

(Q):  How many accounts are included in each of these services?

(Q):  What is appropriate use of these accounts? 

(Q):  How is the account Management for each of these systems supported and who are the districts to contact for support with usernames and passwords?


WNYRIC(Level 1): 

For user information contact Steve Jackson sjackson@bocesmaars.orgor 585-349-9062.

For report guidance/professional development contact Lorena Stabins lstabins@bocesmaars.orgor 585-349-9068.

Each district and charter school has 3 accounts to access. There is a fee for extra accounts. It would be appropriate to give district and building administrators (who have been trained) access to this site, not teachers. Non-public schools have 1 account to access.


User accounts are delegated by your district’s SEDDAS administrator – usually the Superintendent or Superintendent’s designee.               

For L2RPT report assistance contact Steve Jackson.

There is no limit to the number of users. L2RPT reports are under the SEDDAS account structure. Currently, reports can be viewed at a district and building levels, so it would be appropriate for district and building level administrators to have access. Ultimately, this will have teacher level access. For questions about lost passwords/designated administrators for your district, contact NYSED at 518-474-7965.

For PD Data System assistance contact Tricia Cary (585-349-9051)

nySTART:  For questions about nySTART accounts, contact Steve Jackson.


(Q):  How is this data viewable in each of these services? Excel, PDF.

(A):  The majority of reports are exportable to Excel and PDF at all three levels.


(Q):  Is there any future development around providing teachers self service access that provides a simplified view? Perhaps tied to the Unique State Teacher ID.

(A):  Teachers will ultimately have access to their students’ data. (L2RPT only)


(Q):  Is there a way we can have raw data?


The Monroe FTP site has raw data from past assessments 3-8 and Regents. Monroe FTP site Direct Link to Login Screen  (login and password required) (If you do not have a login/password to access our FTP site contact Mari-Ellen Maloney mmaloney@bocesmaars.orgor 585-349-9025)

For questions about 3-8, contact Mari-Ellen Maloney mmaloney@bocesmaars.orgor 585-349-9025, and for questions about Regents, contact Kathy Kuper kkuper@bocesmaars.orgor 585-349-9022.  For Regents June 2010 and earlier, there will often be more than one file (because districts were able to scan more than once). The most accurate file will be the latest date. 

If there are other raw data you want, contact Steve Jackson.  He may be able to find a way to get you what you want.




(Q):  How is the testing tied to performance indicators? Does the State provide this or does BOCES hire teachers to correlate the indicators? Please detail 3-8 and Regents.

(A):  NYSED provides the performance indicators for the questions on 3-8 tests.  WNYRIC hires teachers to map performance indicators to questions on the Regents exams. 


(Q):  When is the earliest the Districts have access to the correlated performance indicator Data for 3-8 and Regents?

(A):  The state does not release the performance indicators for 3-8 until after the scores are released.  In the past, this has been mid July. For the Regents exams, the state doesn’t correlate the performance indicators to the questions.  The timing varies based how quickly WNYRIC(Level 1) is able to find teachers who are willing to do this work. There is no real guideline for when this work will be done.


(Q):  How can we get this data in the hands of Teachers? Does a solution exist that allows the districts to put this in the hands of teachers in a non-labor intensive process?

(A):  Right now, training building level administrators how to access the data is helping to get these reports into the hands of teachers more quickly. Reports can also be saved to a share folder and teachers could have access to reports that way. Teacher access to L2RPT is in the works.  For roster purposes, the state teacher id numbers are “in the system,” but the time frame for when teacher access will be granted is not known.


(Q):  Is it possible to have access to the 3-8 and Regents performance indicator data in a database readable format?

(A):  Cube views and most reports can be saved off as CSV or Excel and imported into a database.