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Resources for Reporting Staff Evaluations

Similar to last year, districts will need to report Original and Transition scores for principals and teachers who either 1. Received a State-Provided Growth Score, or 2. Have an SLO based on a grades 3-8 ELA and/or Math test. 

Starting in 2016-2017 all districts fall under Ed Law 3012-d, which requires teachers and principals to be evaluated based on two categories: the Student Performance Category and the Observation/School Visit Category. This means that the data being reported this year looks a lot different from the data reported last year. 

In an effort to assists districts with reporting 2016-2017 Staff Evaluation records, we are providing the following resources: 
  • 16-17 Staff Evaluation: provides an overview of 3012-d reporting requirements, reporting codes & ratings, and links to additional resources
  • 3012d Reporting Requirements: serves as a quick guide of 3012d reporting requirements
  • Reporting Staff Evaluation Records in Level 0 for 3012d: shows how to report staff evaluation records in Level 0
  • Evaluation Matrix: a printable copy of the Evaluation Matrix used to report HEDI ratings

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