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Policy and Regulation Series
Series 1000 - By-Laws print series
1110 Organization and Authority print
1210 Qualifications of Board Members print
1220 Nomination and Election of Board Members print
1230 Vacancies on the Board print
1310 Powers and Duties of Board Members print
1311 Duties of the President print
1312 Duties of the Vice President print
1313 Duties of the Clerk of the Board print
1314 Duties of the Treasurer print
1314.1 Duties of the Assistant Treasurer print
1315 Duties of the Internal Claims Auditor print
1315.1 Duties of the External Independent Auditor print
1315.2 Audit Committee print
1316 Duties of the School Attorney print
1317 Duties of the Purchasing Agent print
1318 Records Officer print
1320 Board Policy Making print
1330 Board-District Superintendent Relationship print
1410 Formulation and Adoption of Policy print
1420 Execution of Policy: Administrative Regulations print
1431 Regular Meetings of the Board of Cooperative Educational Services print
1432 Order of Business at Board Meetings print
1433 Executive Sessions of the Board print
1434 Quorum print
1435 Minutes print
1436 Special Meetings of the Board print
1437 Annual Meeting print
1438 Reorganizational Meeting print
1440 Non-Discrimination print
1510 Use of Parliamentary Procedure print
1520 Professional Development for Board Members print
1530 Membership in Associations print
1550 Orienting New Board Members print
1560 Compensation and Expenses print
1570 Board Committees print
1571 Advisory Committees print

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