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Policy and Regulation Series
Series 4000 - Non-Instructional/Business Operations print series
4110 Budget Planning and Preparation print
4111 Fund Balance print
4120 Budget Development and Adoption print
4130 Administration of Budget print
4210 Investments print
4220 Application for State and Federal Funds print
4310 Purchasing print
4311 Recommendation for Bid Awards print
4320 BOCES Personal Property Accountability print
4410 Approval of Expenditures print
4420 Ordering Goods print
4432 Accounting of Fixed Assets print
4439 On-Line Banking print
4440 Accountability for BOCES Funds print
4441 Federal and State Funds print
4442 Trust and Agency Funds print
4443 Extracurricular Activity Funds print
4444 Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Center for Workforce Development Title IV Financial Aid Process and Compliance print
4450 Cash in School Buildings and Petty Cash Funds print
4451 Credit Cards print
4452 Meals and Refreshments print
4460 Special Projects Contracts print
4470 Revenues--Establishment of Fees print
4471 Tuition Rates: Vocational/Technical Education and Special Education print
4472 Sale of Supplies and Materials print
4474 Allegations of Fraud print
4511 Facilities: Inspection, Operation and Maintenance print
4520 Owned or Leased Vehicle Policy print
4530 Insurance and Employee Bonds print
4539 Pest Management and Pesticide Use print
4540 Safety and Security print
4541 Hazard Communication Standard print
4542 School Safety Plan and Building Level Emergency Response Plan print
4543 Communicable Diseases print
4550 Smoking/Tobacco Use print
4560 Exposure Control Program print
4570 Records Management print

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