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Policy and Regulation Series
Series 6000 - Students print series
6110 Comprehensive Student Attendance Policy print
6120 Student Referral and Replacement print
6130 Non-Resident Students print
6140 Pregnant and Married Students print
6150 Tuition Charges for District Students Enrolled Outside the BOCES print
6210 Student Conduct print
6211 Corporal Punishment print
6212 Student Discipline, Suspension and Corporal Punishment print
6213 Loss or Destruction of BOCES Property print
6214 Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and Student Use of Computerized Information Resources print
6215 Student Dress Code print
6220 Alcohol, Drugs and Other Substances (Students) print
6230 Searches and Interrogations print
6231 Use of Electronic Magnetometers print
6240 Weapons in School print
6241 Gun-Free Schools Policy print
6250 Vehicle Safety print
6310 Student Evaluation, Promotion and Placement print
6312 Provision of Interpreter Services to Parents Who Are Hearing Impaired print
6320 Student Records: Access and Challenge print
6410 Immunization of Students print
6420 Accident/First Aid Treatment print
6421 Student with Serious and/or Life Threatening Medial Conditions print
6430 Child Abuse and Neglect print
6431 Protection of Students from Sexual Abuse print
6440 Sexual Harassment (Students) print
6451 Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrom (AIDS) print
6452 Administering Medication print
6453 Student Physical and Health Screening print
6454 Wellness print
6460 Equal Educational Opportunity (Students) print
6461 Complaints and Grievances by Students print
6462 Student Harassment and Bullying Prevention and Intervention (Dignity for All Students Act) print
6470 Student Record Release print
6471 Safe Public School Choice Option to Students who are Victims of a Violent Criminal Offense print
6510 Employment of Students/Employment Certificates print
6520 Censorship of Non-School Student Publications print
6530 Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities print

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