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Policy and Regulation Series - Table of Contents
Series 1000 - By-Laws print series
Organization and Authority 1110
Qualifications of Board Members 1210
Nomination and Election of Board Members 1220
Vacancies on the Board 1230
Powers and Duties of Board Members 1310
Duties of the President 1311
Duties of the Vice President 1312
Duties of the Clerk of the Board 1313
Duties of the Treasurer 1314
Duties of the Assistant Treasurer 1314.1
Duties of the Internal Claims Auditor 1315
Duties of the External Independent Auditor 1315.1
Audit Committee 1315.2
Duties of the School Attorney 1316
Duties of the Purchasing Agent 1317
Records Officer 1318
Board Policy Making 1320
Board-District Superintendent Relationship 1330
Formulation and Adoption of Policy 1410
Execution of Policy: Administrative Regulations 1420
Regular Meetings of the Board of Cooperative Educational Services 1431
Order of Business at Board Meetings 1432
Executive Sessions of the Board 1433
Quorum 1434
Minutes 1435
Special Meetings of the Board 1436
Annual Meeting 1437
Reorganizational Meeting 1438
Non-Discrimination 1440
Use of Parliamentary Procedure 1510
Professional Development for Board Members 1520
Membership in Associations 1530
Orienting New Board Members 1550
Compensation and Expenses 1560
Board Committees 1570
Advisory Committees 1571
Series 2000 - Community Relations print series
BOCES/Community Relations and Communications 2110
Closing of Schools 2120
Flag Display 2130
Visits to BOCES Facilities, Schools and Programs 2210
Use of Service Animals 2211
Use of School Facilities 2220
Use of BOCES-Owned Equipment and Other Property by Board Members/Employees 2221
Volunteers 2230
Public Complaints 2240
Solicitation of Charitable Donations from School Children 2250
Public Access to Records 2310
Confidentiality of Computerized Information 2311
Unlawful Possession of a Weapon Upon School Grounds 2411
Series 3000 - Administration print series
District Superintendent 3111
Administrative and Supervisory Personnel 3112
Evaluation of the District Superintendent and Other Administrative Staff 3120
Administrative Interns 3130
Consultants 3140
Organizational Chart 3211
Administrative Councils, Cabinets and Committees 3220
Chief School Administrator's Council 3221
Series 4000 - Non-Instructional/Business Operations print series
Budget Planning and Preparation 4110
Fund Balance 4111
Budget Development and Adoption 4120
Administration of Budget 4130
Investments 4210
Application for State and Federal Funds 4220
Purchasing 4310
Recommendation for Bid Awards 4311
BOCES Personal Property Accountability 4320
Approval of Expenditures 4410
Ordering Goods 4420
Accounting of Fixed Assets 4432
On-Line Banking 4439
Accountability for BOCES Funds 4440
Federal and State Funds 4441
Trust and Agency Funds 4442
Extracurricular Activity Funds 4443
Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Center for Workforce Development Title IV Financial Aid Process and Compliance 4444
Cash in School Buildings and Petty Cash Funds 4450
Credit Cards 4451
Meals and Refreshments 4452
Special Projects Contracts 4460
Revenues--Establishment of Fees 4470
Tuition Rates: Vocational/Technical Education and Special Education 4471
Sale of Supplies and Materials 4472
Allegations of Fraud 4474
Facilities: Inspection, Operation and Maintenance 4511
Owned or Leased Vehicle Policy 4520
Insurance and Employee Bonds 4530
Pest Management and Pesticide Use 4539
Safety and Security 4540
Hazard Communication Standard 4541
School Safety Plan and Building Level Emergency Response Plan 4542
Communicable Diseases 4543
Smoking/Tobacco Use 4550
Exposure Control Program 4560
Records Management 4570
Series 5000 - Personnel print series
Code of Ethics for All BOCES Personnel 5110
Oath of Allegiance/Office 5111
Employment of Relatives of Board Members 5112
Nepotism 5113
Equal Employment Opportunity 5120
Sexual Harassment of BOCES Personnel 5121
Performance Review 5130
Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) 5131
Testing Misconduct and Mandatory Reporting Requirements 5132
Health Examinations 5140
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) 5141
Cardiac Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in Public School Facilities 5142
Recruitment, Selection and Appointment of Personnel 5150
Temporary and Part-Time Employees 5151
Job Descriptions 5152
Incidental Teaching 5153
Summer Employment 5154
Alcohol, Drugs and Other Substances (School Personnel) 5160
Drug-Free Workplace 5161
Complaints and Grievances by Employees 5170
Resignation or Retirement 5180
Professional Growth/Staff Development 5210
Mileage Reimbursement 5211
Cell Phones 5215
Employee Personnel Records and Release of Information 5220
Professional Staff Consulting Activities 5240
Outside Employment for BOCES Employees 5241
Staff Use of Computerized Information Resources 5260
Health Insurance 5310
Workers' Compensation and Unemployment Insurance 5320
Family and Medical Leave Act 5330
Employee Assistance Program 5340
Defense and Indemnification of Board Members and Employees 5350
Series 6000 - Students print series
Comprehensive Student Attendance Policy 6110
Student Referral and Replacement 6120
Non-Resident Students 6130
Pregnant and Married Students 6140
Tuition Charges for District Students Enrolled Outside the BOCES 6150
Student Conduct 6210
Corporal Punishment 6211
Student Discipline, Suspension and Corporal Punishment 6212
Loss or Destruction of BOCES Property 6213
Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and Student Use of Computerized Information Resources 6214
Student Dress Code 6215
Alcohol, Drugs and Other Substances (Students) 6220
Searches and Interrogations 6230
Use of Electronic Magnetometers 6231
Weapons in School 6240
Gun-Free Schools Policy 6241
Vehicle Safety 6250
Student Evaluation, Promotion and Placement 6310
Provision of Interpreter Services to Parents Who Are Hearing Impaired 6312
Student Records: Access and Challenge 6320
Immunization of Students 6410
Accident/First Aid Treatment 6420
Student with Serious and/or Life Threatening Medial Conditions 6421
Child Abuse and Neglect 6430
Protection of Students from Sexual Abuse 6431
Sexual Harassment (Students) 6440
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrom (AIDS) 6451
Administering Medication 6452
Student Physical and Health Screening 6453
Wellness 6454
Equal Educational Opportunity (Students) 6460
Complaints and Grievances by Students 6461
Student Harassment and Bullying Prevention and Intervention (Dignity for All Students Act) 6462
Student Record Release 6470
Safe Public School Choice Option to Students who are Victims of a Violent Criminal Offense 6471
Employment of Students/Employment Certificates 6510
Censorship of Non-School Student Publications 6520
Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities 6530
Series 7000 - Instruction print series
Safety Conditions and Programs 7110
Drills and Bomb Threats 7111
Disaster Planning and Civil Preparedness 7112
Prevention Instruction 7113
Animals in the School (Instructional Purposes) 7114
Private Duty Nurses 7119
Students with Disabilities 7120
Discipline of Students with Disabilities 7121
Students Presumed to Have a Disability for Discipline Purposes 7122
Use of Time Out Rooms 7123
Adult and Continuing Education 7130
Career and Technical Education 7140
Evaluation of Instructional Programs and Services 7150
Organization for Instruction 7151
Program Initiation 7152
Instruction for Students With Limited English Proficiency 7170
Religious Content of Awards Ceremonies and Holiday Programs 7180
Media Preview and Purchasing 7210
Controversial Issues 7220
Use of Copyrighted Materials 7230
Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials 7240
Field Trips 7310
School Calendar/School Day 7320
Homework 7330

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