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Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development

Professional Development

True to the Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES mission, we are committed to providing quality, cost-effective educational services and partnering with local school districts to develop high quality, authentic professional development services to improve student achievement. 

If you have any questions or comments about any of the offerings in The Complete Guide to Professional Development, or if you are looking for something that is not included here, please contact Stephanie Smyka at (585) 352-2443, or email us at


Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development Staff

Dr. Marijo Pearson
Assistant Superintendent

Stephanie Smyka

Laurie Streb
Administrative Assistant

Kristen Giuliano
Literacy Professional Development Specialist

Ellen Rossetti
Special Education School Improvement Specialist (SESIS), RSE-TASC

Janet Hess
Literacy Professional Development Specialist

Sara Missell
Math Professional Development Specialist

Jamie Wojtowicz
Literacy Professional Development Specialist

Nisha Schreiber
Math Professional Development Specialist


Phone: 585-352-2704
Fax: 585-349-8801