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Curriculum, Instruction and Prof Dev

NYS Education Department

New York State Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages   

OBE-WL provides information on policies, practices, and resources pertaining to the education of ELLs.

  • State regulations
  • CR Part 154 and Title III grant applications
  • ELL identification process
  • Language allocation policy
  • Statewide RBERN network
  • Bilingual Glossaries 

OSA provides information on all state testing mandates.

  • Administration manuals - with Accommodations for ELLs
  • Archived tests (including those in Chinese)
  • State assessments
  • Testing schedules

Languages Other than English 

LOTE provides information on foreign language requirements and assessments.

  • LOTE learning standards
  • Second language proficiency tests
  • Testing schedules