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The Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development is pleased to announce our transition to MyLearningPlan for our online Professional Development Catalog! This web-based platform will help to simplify and expedite the course registration process, and allow users to register for courses, and to view and confirm the status of their registration. 

Component districts who are current MLP/Frontline users have the ability to add the Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Catalog offerings to the component district catalog on their site so that staff can search for a Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES activity. The form will populate once they “click to enroll” and then it will integrate with the MLP component district site form and route for approvals to the appropriate District Admin. Should employees encounter any problems with account activation, please e-mail

To register for courses through MyLearningPlan, BOCES 2 employees will need to activate an account.  For your convenience, directions on account activation are in the below file.  Should employees encounter any problems with account activation, please e-mail

Registration for courses in our upcoming Guide to Professional Development will all occur through MyLearningPlan.

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For more information about professional development, including registration procedures, please contact:

Sam Schell
Administrative Support
Professional Development
Ph: (585) 352-2704
Fax: (585) 349-8801