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“We are family”

Students became part of the show, working together to help perform a series of astounding magic tricks.

Students at Ridgecrest Academy made some magic of their own in October with the help of special guest Rich the Magic Man. Professional magician Richard Stein awed with his witty feats of illusion, mixed with a positive message of support for the Ridgecrest Academy “family.”
The show was facilitated by Ridgecrest Academy teacher James Revell, who had met Stein in his other role as a professional soccer referee. Revell believed the experience would bring students together and give them an opportunity to interact, building school spirit while having some fun. 

Students eagerly vied for the chance to assist the Magic Man with tricks featuring floating ropes, disappearing coins and magic wands. They joined in applause for his call for them to get along, take care of each other and be “buddies, not bullies.”

The Magic Man ended his show by inviting student Russell DeMocker to the stage to share his own amazing card tricks. The aspiring young magician thrilled the audience with his impressive showmanship and skill. The afternoon was a great success, full of breathtaking magic and confidence-building stagecraft. It made a powerful point: At Ridgecrest Academy, we are all family. 
This page photo: Students became part of the show, working together to help perform a series of astounding magic tricks.
News Photo: Student Russell DeMocker shared the spotlight with Rich the Magic Man at the special Ridgecrest Academy assembly.

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