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Project ADEPT visits Kendall Elementary

Group of students asking guest instructor questions about bugs.

This spring, students at Kendall Elementary had many opportunities for enrichment through Project ADEPT.
Naturalist Teresa Stango-Listrani helped second graders explore the world of bugs to supplement what they were learning in science. Students learned how to identify bugs from other insects, differentiate the types of insect metamorphosis and examine live insects. Third grade students watched actor Shirlyn Washington’s portrayal of Harriet Tubman, which tied in with what they were learning in social studies about the Underground Railroad and slavery in America. Physics expert John Gentile taught students in grades four through six about levers. Students used LEGO Dacta building sets to construct levers, while learning more about mechanical advantage. This exercise tied in to what students had already learned about levers and simple machines in their own classrooms. 
Students at all grade levels at Kendall Elementary participated in a week-long workshop about music with musician Terry Timothy. This workshop supplemented what students were learning in general music class, and instrumental and vocal music lessons. Timothy demonstrated how modern music is recorded, using equipment brought in from his own studio. He taught students how to be sound engineers using this technology. Timothy taught students how to add different layers of sounds (vocal and instrumental) to create a piece of music. 
After working with all of these experts and participating in a variety of hands-on activities, students may be inspired to examine these, or other topics of interest to them, further. These workshops are just another way to help plant the seed for life-long learning. 
Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES provides Project ADEPT workshops to its component districts, giving students the chance to explore units in science, music and social studies more in-depth. The one- to two-hour workshops are geared toward specific grade levels and are led by experts in the field. Students work under the guidance of BOCES 2 Gifted Education Resource Teacher Damon Piletz.

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