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A graphic artist and layout specialist can turn your copy, photographs and artwork into an attractive design and layout. Whether your document is designed by us or by you, our pre-press staff will ensure it is turned into a digital file that is ready for reproduction. Digital files may also be turned directly into plates for printing on offset presses. Digital files are reviewed for accurate preparation or hidden problems to ensure there is no loss of time, money or quality in the printing process. We can also design projects specifically for use on the web. Services are provided for all district needs, including design and production of classroom materials.


Our Printing and Graphics Service works with districts to provide high quality, cost-effective publications including:

  • Offset printing, collating, binding, platemaking and high-black and white or color document reproduction via hard copy or electronic data. High quality one to four-color documents up to 17” x 22” printed on offset presses or full color documents up to 12” x 18” printed on our high speed digital color printer.
  • High-speed, black and white document reproduction. Each job is optimized for the highest quality output. Collating, stapling or binding and variable data printing (ex: putting a different address on each piece) are also provided. Reduction/enlargement can be done as needed. Samples available and a demonstration of the equipment can be arranged upon request.

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