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Below are tips we offer to assist you in getting the most from our service:

  • Whenever possible, select two-sided printing. This will save not only trees but paper cost. Jobs that are printed two-sided are half the weight, something to consider if you have to carry or mail your jobs to another location.
  • Please provide us detailed and complete specifications for your job including name, delivery location, and finishing options.
  • Please provide a specific date for delivery. Please don’t use ASAP and call ahead with a RUSH project.
  • If you are going to submit a job via e-mail, convert your file to a PDF with embedded fonts and hi-resolution graphics and fax or send a hard cop to compare the file to.
  • Please provide original documents for copying/printing.
  • Give us a call at (585) 349-9074 if you have a any questions or special instructions for your job.