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The term “blended learning” has its roots in instructional design and although it has become very popular over the past year or two there is no universally accepted definition. Most agree it is a blend on traditional and online resources. There are some models from the Clayton Institute ( but the general idea is that learning objectives should come before technology is selected.

That is what the distance learning program at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES can help you do – look at your learning goals and select appropriate online digital curriculum. Whether it be fully online classes through AccelerateU, digital curriculum using Apex, Fuel Ed, Edmentum, Right Reasons Technologies or other vendors or help you to create your own curriculum to host on Moodle, Blackboard, itslearning or Schoology.

The Distance Learning Specialist will also provide training to your teachers on how to select instructional resources for blended learning, how to integrate online resources for blended learning and hold discussion groups and study groups on blended learning. 


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Blended Learning Continuum

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Interested in learning more about Blended Learning for your district or program? Contact the Distance Learning Specialist:

Donna Farren
Distance Learning Specialist