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Article in May 2011 Together - click for larger image
Article in May 2011 Together
Spencerport Jazz Band - click for larger image
Spencerport Jazz Band

Videoconferencing is a popular service at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES, both within the districts and the BOCES.  Instead of traveling between schools or state education, we can connect you virtually to still have a face-to-face meeting – and you never have to leave your building!

We have portable room systems and desktop systems that run in your browser – you may only be a click away from a meeting across the country.  We also use Skype to connect around the world and to other experts.

In the classrooms, we visit museums, meet with authors and collaborate with other classes around the state and country to work together on projects about the Erie Canal, New York State or science, math or literature projects.  We do career explorations with people working in the field and college information sessions via videoconference.

Don’t miss out just because you can’t travel to a meeting or you don’t know an expert!   Check with the Distance Learning Specialist – we may be able to find a virtual solution!

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If your are interested in videoconferencing, please contact:

Donna Farren
Distance Learning Specialist