2020 Census

Everyone Counts! The census is a vital part of supporting funding for schools

Every 10 years the federal government conducts a census to count every person in the United States. The data that is collected assists in determining where billions of dollars are spent in communities across the country, including funding for schools, hospitals, roads and many other community resources. 

Every household will receive a letter in the mail in mid-March that they will need to complete. As a safety tip, we wanted to remind you that there will also be census-takers going door-to-door in May for those families who don’t submit the forms by the deadline. A few tips that the Census Bureau offers is to be sure you confirm the person’s identity and be sure they are legitimate before sharing personal information. 

For more information about the census and additional precautions you can take to protect your sensitive information,  we encourage you to visit Census2020.gov
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