Bilingual Education and World Languages

Bilingual Education and World Languages

English Language Learners Identification Process

All of the students who attend programs at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES are identified by their home district. BOCES referral and enrollment forms identify English Language Learner (ELL) Status and Proficiency Levels for these students. In the event that a student is not identified or a question arises about the status of an ELL student, BOCES will work with the home school district to resolve. Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Department of Exceptional Children and Westside Academy use a common referral form for all incoming students, and it notes ELL status and proficiency levels. Program administrators and staff review this information. For the Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES CTE program, there is an online registration form completed by school districts. This form includes a drop box for ELL status and proficiency levels. CTE administration and staff then review this information. When districts complete the online registration process for CTE students, they are required to identify ELL students by providing their primary language, English language proficiency level, latest NYSESLAT score as well as the preferred language for the parent or guardian.

Required Instructional Units of Study

BOCES 2 works with the home district to ensure that the appropriate instructional units of study for English as a New Language (ENL) is provided to all ELLs. The instructional units of study are based upon the English Proficiency Level as identified in their most recent assessment (NYSESLAT or NYSITELL). For example, CTE is a half-day program and the majority of ELL services are provided at the home school during academic courses. BOCES 2 works closely with the Mid-West RBERN to provide training to staff who work with ELL students. If a district does not provide the ENL Services, BOCES 2 administration collaborate with the district to ensure all ELLs receive adequate instructional supports.


BOCES 2 provides translation and interpretation services to parents in their preferred language and mode of communication. BOCES 2 common referral forms and online registration form capture the preferred language and mode of communication for parents. BOCES 2 program administrators use local translation and interpretation agencies to send letters and communications, and hold meetings with parents in their preferred language. Propio Language Services provides over the phone translation services for parent phone calls by all BOCES 2 internal programs. In addition, BOCES 2 offers Google Translate for all of the materials on our website and a letter informing parents/guardians of this feature.


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