Professional Cooking & Food Service

Kick It Up in the Kitchen!

Learn or develop your skills in professional cooking, baking and food service! Commercial and industrial cooking is a fast-growing industry that employs thousands of people in our area. 

Professional Cooking & Food Service Certificate

This part-time, evening program prepares you for a career in the food service industry in only 18 weeks (about 4 months). Gain the fundamental skills of kitchen safety, sanitation, and traditional knife skills, then progress through standard methods of preparation, menu creation, nutrition, and costing to prepare for a career in commercial or industrial kitchens. You will receive industry recognized SERV Safe certification and an opportunity to pursue employment with industry leaders in the region. Designed for anyone thinking of a career change, job enhancement or boosting their culinary skills.  

Career Outlook
  • Institution and Cafeteria Cooks: 11.6 % projected growth in jobs from 2018-2028 in the Finger Lakes region
  • Restaurant Cooks: 13.4 % projected growth in jobs from 2018-2028 in the Finger Lakes region  
  • Food Preparation: 6.3 % projected growth in jobs from 2018-2028 in the Finger Lakes region
    Source: NYS Department of Labor Long Term Occupational Employment Predictions 2018-2028
Program Requirements:
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Successful completion of TABE entrance assessment
  • HS diploma recommended, not required (note: employers may require a high school diploma)
Tuition: $1,610
Fall: Cancelled
Spring: 2/7/23 - 6/22/23
Class Schedule: Tuesdays, Thursdays, 5:30 - 8:30 pm
Program length: 105 hours
Location: BOCES 2 Career & Technical Education Center (WEMOCO) 3589 Big Ridge Road, Spencerport, NY 14559

What will I learn?

Sanitation and Safety, Knife Skills, Food Prep
Learn the inner-workings of a commercial or industrial kitchen in this introductory course. Topics covered include: sanitation and safety (accident prevention, storage of chemicals), hygiene (food borne illness, hair, hand washing, etc., allergies), kitchen math (ratios, reading a thermometer, measurement), inventory and purchasing, and protein and produce identification, short order cooking and knife skills aligned with the American Culinary Federation Guidelines.

Meat, Poultry, and Seafood
Extend your cooking knowledge with a basic butchery class, learning protein identification, preparation, and cooking in industrial and commercial settings.

Commercial Baking
Enhance your cooking skills by learning how to bake in industrial and commercial kitchens with an overview of techniques used when preparing baked goods and pastries.

The ServSafe Food Handler Certificate verifies basic food safety knowledge and is for individuals in food handler employee-level positions.

Student Support and Academic Services
  • Access to student support advisors, who can provide career advisement and referral services.  
  • Access to academic, employability and interviewing support
  • Access to employer networks

How do I enroll?

Admission Procedures
When you are ready to apply, registration for Career Training Programs requires successful completion of the entrance assessment, and satisfactory arrangement of payment of tuition. An automated email confirming registration will be sent to your email. The entire admission process must be completed before enrollment is confirmed.
  1. Complete a contact card and register for an Entrance Assessment: Once you submit the contact card, you'll receive an email (check your spam!). Use the link in the email to register for an Entrance Assessment.
  2. Complete an entrance assessment to determine your program eligibility. Your score on the assessment helps determine the level of support you may need to be successful in the program.
  3. Secure funding. You may choose to meet with an advisor to discuss funding options.
Tuition Assistance options for this program include:
* Funding grants available through RochesterWorks! for eligible applicants Click here for RochesterWorks Services for Adults
*Other local tuition assistance

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