Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services

Our purpose is to support a student's academic success, develop/improve their language and communication skills, promote a positive self-concept and appropriate social skills and assist them with vocational preparation and/or post-secondary education transition.


Our services may include:

  • Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 
    TODs are NYS certified specialists for students with a hearing loss or children of deaf adults (CODAs). As itinerant teachers, they focus on academic achievement and the supports needed for that achievement. Service may be provided directly to the student or as a consult to the building staff/family. Most students are taught in their home school. Service may be given in a pull-out, individual basis, or as push-in, supporting the student and classroom teacher during regular class instruction.
  • Interpreter/Transliterator 
    Facilitates communication between the student and his/her environment, in or out of the classroom. Depending on the student's preferred mode of communication, this may include American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting, English sign system transliterating, cued speech transliterating, or oral transliterating.
  • Signing Skills Coach
    Uses sign language to assist the student's communication, academic, physical and emotional needs. This service is typically provided in a direct 1:1 support model.
  • Notetaker
    Provides equal access to auditory information available to all students by transcribing written notes for the student. There are several variations of the traditional service that provide speech to text information, but also require additional skills for the captionist / transcriptionist.

  • Other support from DHHS
  • Diagnostic testing and evaluation
  • In-service training for building staff
  • Sign interpreting for meetings and extra-curricular events
  • Field trips
  • Workshops

For more information, please contact:

Phil Ortolani  
160 Wallace Way
Rochester, NY 14624
Ph: (585) 617-2724  
[email protected]

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