Getting Involved

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Parents and community members are encouraged to get involved and be  engaged in the education of children. Here are a few ways you can do so:
A Community Together (ACT) for Education is an unprecedented initiative by public schools in the Monroe 1 and Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES districts, RCSD, area businesses and community members. With a unified voice, ACT for Education delivers positive messaging about our local school districts and encourages community support of public education.
The  Special Education Parent Teacher Organization (SEPTO) is comprised of  parents and staff from the BOCES 2 community. This group of dedicated  individuals works to promote the social and learning development of  students with special needs, and to support parents/guardians to raise  children to their fullest potential. Volunteer community groups, such as  the West Central Kiwanis and the Greece Rotary, also help to form the  backbone of this organization.  In addition, students from WEMOCO and  the BOCES special education classes often volunteer to prepare for and  run SEPTO events. Find more information about SEPTO by visiting
The  Monroe 2-Orleans Educational Foundation was founded in 2002 with the  purpose to fund scholarships for students in non-traditional programs to  pursue higher education and to fund research and development to improve  educational opportunities and practices for students with special  needs. The foundation holds an annual celebration to raise funds to  support the scholarships. For more information about the Monroe  2-Orleans Educational Foundation, visit
The  New York State Department of Education provides valuable information  about education throughout the state.