Online Learning

Creating More Opportunities for All Students

Online learning offers flexible solutions for a variety of complex learning challenges. For large and small districts, it is an effective way to use limited resources to create more opportunities for all students. There are many online learning courses available, but we offer Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES’ AccelerateU® series, which are led by NYS-certified educators and meet NYSED Part 100.5d Diploma Requirements for Online and Blended Courses.

Fully Online Courses

How are districts using them?
  • Accelerated Learning and Advanced Placement (AP): Every AP course, available all the time
  • Electives: Expand educational options with advanced/special interest courses 
  • Regents Review Courses
  • Required Courses: students can accrue core credits at home, in the summer or at their convenience

Just some of the available courses for 2019-20: AP Statistics; AP Art History (Electives) History of Video Games; Sports and Entertainment Marketing; Future of Space Travel; Meteorology; Marine Science; Renewable Energy (Required) Algebra; Health; Physical Education

Also! Online Tutoring, for individuals or groups of students using iTutor® or FEV Tutor.

Blended Learning Courses

How are districts using them?
  • Credit Recovery: used in combination with guidance from instructors, students accelerate their learning to graduate on time
  • Enhanced classroom curriculum: digital content tools teachers can use to augment their own instruction 
  • Learning Recovery: again, with guidance from teachers or counselors, students can avoid potential failure with on-demand reviews and extra support 
  • SAT/ACT Prep Courses
  • Transition Courses: for Middle (6-8) and High Schools
Some of the available courses for 2019-20: NYS curriculum classes or regents classes; plus electives like Introduction to Business and Technology; Sociology; Psychology; Creative Writing & Media Studies; Financial Literacy; Chemistry; Earth and Space Science 
NEW! Technology Courses, including 3-D Design and Animation
Contact Distance Learning Specialist Donna Farren at [email protected] or 585-352-2700 for more information.