Teacher and Principal Evaluation System

All teachers and principals will continue to be evaluated pursuant to the BOCES 2 approved APPR plan.

Certification, Incidental Teaching and Substitute Teaching

All teachers will hold valid and appropriate certifications for teaching assignment(s), except where otherwise allowable under the Commissioner’s regulations (e.g., incidental teaching) or Education Law.

Student Teaching

Student teachers from NYSED registered college or university programs can serve under the supervision of duly certified teachers in the Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES. Student teachers will follow all of the social distancing, face-covering protocols, health status reporting, and other COVID-19 procedures that the teachers follow. Student teachers will serve under the supervision of our full time certified teachers only. At no time will a student teacher be used as a teacher of record.


Contact the BOCES 2 COVID Coordinator
[email protected]

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