Technology and Connectivity

Technology and Connectivity

BOCES 2 will determine the level of access to devices and internet all students and instructional staff have in their places of residence by surveying families in August, 2020.

BOCES 2 will develop solutions to address the need to provide devices and internet access to students and teachers who do not have sufficient access.

BOCES 2 will provide teachers and instructional leaders the opportunity to participate in professional development on designing effective remote learning experiences by instructional technology specialists. Teachers will also have access to resources and training on best practices for instruction in an online environment focusing on how to maximize student participation in learning that enables them to demonstrate mastery of NYS Learning Standards in a remote or hybrid model of instruction. Training will take place throughout the 2020-2021 school year. The BOCES 2 calendar will be adjusted to provide additional professional development days for staff prior to the return of students to school.

BOCES 2 will utilize technology tools that are compliant with New York Education Law 2-d and Part 121 of the Commissioner’s Regulations. Student learning management systems will be used to provide consistent instructional content to students and communication to parents/guardians regarding instructional tasks and materials. BOCES 2 will also use video conferencing tools to meaningfully connect and engage with students while in a remote or hybrid learning environment. Students who are not able to access high-speed internet will receive phone calls home and hard copies (or flash drives) of materials until a more meaningful solution for computer access and internet connectivity can be resolved.

Technology resources and training will be available to students and parents via the BOCES 2 website.

BOCES 2 technology staff will provide technology support for teachers, students and parents.


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