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CTE students showcase skills at BOCES 2 Annual Meeting

BOCES 2 Career and Technical Education students had the opportunity to demonstrate their skills during the BOCES 2 Annual Meeting. With guidance from their instructors, students from culinary, baking and food services worked the event from start to finish. They developed the menu, prepared the food and served the guests in the BOCES 2 Professional Development Center.

Attendees included superintendents, board members and administrators from all nine BOCES 2 component school districts. The event included charcuterie boards, a full buffet and desert, they executed everything beautifully. Students from Hospitality and Applied Skills contributed to the event by creating the napkin holders by hand. Following dinner, students working the event as well as criminal justice and personal services students had the chance to introduce themselves, get to know their district leaders and gather for photos.

The last in-person annual meeting was in 2019, making this meeting extra special and a first-time experience for many in attendance. The meeting portion of the evening was held prior to dinner where attendees heard from District Superintendent JoAnne Antonacci, Board President Dennis Laba, and Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations Steve Roland. BOCES 2 leaders shared their appreciation of its component district partnerships and reminded not to underestimate the impact their work has on their student's futures.

Instructors guide students during pre-event prep.Instructor works with students to prepare the buffet before dinner.Brockport district leaders and students gather for a group  photo.
Student introduce themselves, what class the are in and the district they are from. BOCES 2 district superintendent greets guests. District leaders mingle with students.

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