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Ten complete the Center for Workforce Development’s CDL Class B Fall 2021 Training

Ten more students completed the 10-week CDL Class B course offered Tuesday evenings at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Center for Workforce Development.  

CDL Fall 2021 Class Graduates
With the 30 hours of classwork and 12 hours of individual drive-time complete, students are certified to be a School Bus Driver and eligible to take their CDL Class B licensing road test.
As a member of the most recent class, Stephanie Fioravanti appreciated the flexibility the program offered her.

“There are other programs out there that are full-time, but, for me to still be able to bring home an income and go to class, this was the best decision.”
Working for three years in the medical field, Stephanie was looking for a change while still working.
“This worked out very well with my schedule: not having to quit my job to go to school.”

Stephanie Fioravanti checks wheel and brakes 
Stephanie noted that the importance of safety while driving with a commercial license is the most important part of CWD’s CDL Class B training.
“You’re driving something incredibly heavy…Safety is a priority.”
She scheduled her road test soon after graduation.  She had already applied to two places prior to graduating from the program.

Having always enjoyed driving, Stephanie plans to drive bigger trucks, mostly dump trucks and the like once she passes her CDL Class B road test.

Stephanie Fioravanti and CDL instructor "Coach" Eddie MoodyShe feels well-prepared by CWD’s program and all it provided her.
“I liked the flexibility. Our teacher works very well with us scheduling time to come out and drive and get physical hands-on time with the buses and trucks.”
 Stephanie checks an emergency exit

Her longer term goals involve getting married to her fiancé in October 2022 and, eventually joining him driving coast-to-coast as a CDL A long-haul driver. Looking back on the program and learning a new skill for a new chapter, she summarized,

“The timing is good; it just worked out.”
Stephanie and her fellow graduates were encouraged to look at their new skillset as either a growth opportunity at their current employer or potentially the beginning of new chapter at a new company.
CWD likes to stay in touch with its program graduates throughout their career and helps try to connect former students to other opportunities in other places along the way.

"Coach" Eddie MoodyAs the graduation wrapped up, CDL instructor “Coach” Eddie Moody reminded the class,
“We’re going to need new professional drivers in this business.”
“The only honest way to do anything in life is stepping forward. And if you do that, you’re headed in the right direction,” Moody added.
As the class steps forward to its road tests, it makes way for the next class.
To enroll and learn more about CWD’s CDL Class B program, including scholarship details for Monroe County residents,
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