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Opening Windows to New Worlds of Knowledge

Screen capture of ClickView

As teachers search for new ways to make lessons relevant, engaging and memorable, they are being guided by school librarians – fellow adventurers in education with access to a world of exciting resources. Their growing treasure trove of carefully curated resources is expanding every year, thanks to the efforts of the specialists in our BOCES 2 School Library System.

This year, another amazing tool has been added for schools in the Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES system: ClickView Streaming Video. ClickView is designed with K-12 teachers in mind. The videos are kid-friendly, organized by age group and subject matter, connected to standards and initiatives (like SEL), and easily searched. Many come with lesson plans and activities, built-in quizzing tools, pre-built interactives and advanced analytics.
SLS Coordinator Jim Belair said, “Our Media Library has thousands of high-quality instructional videos that teachers can use with their students. This is not the same collection we had 10, or even five years ago. In addition to the video content, teachers can embed these into their instruction and create interactive assessments.”

ClickView joins other favorite SLS tools, like Sora, that gives teachers and students access to thousands of ebooks and magazines, and Panopto, for video creation, storage and sharing. The SLS team offers free online and in-person workshops as well to help folks get started.

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