Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES News Article

More than a Routine Classroom Tour

Senator Cooney lab work with student Ava Franklin

Senator Jeremy Cooney was immersed in the medical lab program, where he got a crash course in running microbiological, genetics and blood lab tests and drawing blood from a simulated arm. Senior students acted as instructors to guide him through the activities.
According to teacher Jim Payne, “Senator Cooney was so impressed with the technical expertise of the students and the program’s ability to impart in-demand job skills that he will promote the value of this program to his constituents and other audiences.”

In the photos, senior Amanda DiMora (Hilton) oversees Senator Cooney in bacterial staining, which helps identify bacteria.
Senator Cooney works on gel electrophoresis with instructions from senior Ava Franklin (Kendall), a process used to separate DNA.

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