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Replica of Words for Life

The BOCES 2 Assistive Technology department recently hosted a special two-day professional development training for our dozens of speech-language specialists. Presenting via video conference was John Halloran, a well-known speech-language pathologist and trainer with The Center for AAC & Autism. He is also co-author of the Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) approach and Words for Life, an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app that gives nonverbal individuals with autism a means to communicate. LAMP is based on giving users access to core words on a speech-generating device and then teaching vocabulary through sensory-rich activities.

Many of our students use LAMP Words for Life on iPads with great success. It has become such a valuable tool that several members of the speech department had a little fun with the highly recognizable app. To celebrate the training event, Megan Knopp and Molly Penrose created a replica of the main app interface using decorated cookies. Where’s the icon for “YUM”?

Feature photo: Assistive Technology Department Chair Leigh Nenni relays audience questions to presenter John Halloran.

This page: Lovingly decorated cookies were used to recreate the Words for Life iPad screen used by BOCES 2 therapists to help their students engage more easily with the world.

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